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bye-bye flu... and don't come back!


Sneezing, coughing, congested and achy - and at the mercy of over-priced over-the-counter medicine to bring us back to life, the big, bad, bully flu got to us all. After day 3, Aaron and the kids made it back out into civilization, and I spent the next 8 indoors with clorox and lysol sprays in hand, determined to zap all the bacteria bullying me around. Sure, the extra rest can be nice, but seriously, so is consciousness. After day 11 of the siege, I realized this unexpected detour in my health was more of an awakening of much more... I spent a lot of time thinking about stress, and how like viruses, they hibernate in our bodies and multiply without our knowledge...

Which reminds me of this wonderful book, Bye-Bye Big Bad Bully Bug, written by one of our favorite authors, Ed Emberley, where the little bugs grow fearful of the unfamiliar and then build their confidence as they learn more about the big bug and how their strength lies not in their size, but in their character. It's such a silly but wonderful way to teach kids about bullies and how we don't have to sit back and be eaten alive by our "big problems."

Having this flu was more about my mind and body working together - to get stronger - and "stomp" those "bad bugs" or stressors out.

Taking the time to routinely slow down and reflect on where we are in life may be the best way to maintain good health - but then again... your husband making chicken soup and feeding you in bed isn't so bad once in awhile either...[smile].


  1. Oh guys, so sorry to hear that all of you were sick. Hope you all are feeling better and getting rest. We still need to get together with you guys, maybe next week, I'll email you.

    Much love to you all,

  2. the flu! Never fun. I am glad to hear you and your loved ones are feeling better.

  3. Ah - thank you guys! I tell you - as someone who doesn't get sick very often [knock on wood] I didn't know what to think about the flu. It was a very dramatic ordeal. I forgot what it was like to breathe. My eyes would water when I'd cough. And I couldn't help but wonder about people with asthma and how miserable that must be on an ongoing basis.

    On top of that - I had no energy to do anything productive - which is like murder on a mom. Be at home and not be productive? Well, I guess cleaning counts - but you know what I mean.

    Thanks so much for your love and well wishes Corbin and Lisa!


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